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Your Guide to Creating a Torc Profile That Stands Out to Hiring Managers

Ready to land the job of your dreams? Read this guide to learn how to build a profile that makes employers fight for you!

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Forbes: How Global Freelance Platforms Are Supporting Ukrainian Freelancers

Forbes contributor Jon Younger outlines how talent marketplaces, including Torc, are supporting Ukrainian freelancers.

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Podcast | Forbes India Daily Tech Conversation

Torc CEO Mike Morris talks joins the Forbes India Daily Tech Conversations podcast.

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Torc CEO Mike Morris Joins John Winsor on the Open Assembly WORK. Podcast

Find out what happens when two serial entrepreneurs and pioneers in the freelancing industry get together to chat! An Underrated Paradigm Shift

Remix boosts productivity by unifying and simplifying the frontend and the backend.

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Culture Debt: What It Is and How It Impacts Business Goals

Culture debt is what happens when teams compromise on long-term culture in favor of short term goals.